Sunday, April 7, 2013

More weekend pics

Liz kindly came over for a puppy photo shoot today.  Midge is helping out

Cuddling with the photographer instead of posing

Yoko is in heat and has joined the party.  She is not as fond of pups
that are not her own, but tolerant.

Poor Yoko

Skipper checking out the birch tree.  The pups have moved into the backyard for outdoor
play.  They were starting too get too adventurous out in the front yard. 

Pups plotting an escape.  The wood barrier is to prevent them from squeezing out the gate.

Katy sitting and looks like Skipper with the piece of straw.

Katy was the photogenic pup this afternoon.

Katy again

The other pups are finally able to play on equal terms with big boy Cid. 
Little Gnat with a successful takedown.

Cricket sitting, she is the pup with the fluffy ears. 

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