Friday, April 5, 2013

5 weeks old

A belated 5 week update.  The gang is thriving, making up for their slow start.  The pups have been getting lots of outdoor time, and my living room is currently a puppy playland.  I have set out tunnels, ramps, boxes, and things that wobble or feel different under foot.  The pups are doing a great job keeping a clean puppy pen and toileting outside when giving the opportunity.  Outside, I have started taking them on short "walk abouts" to new areas of the yard and it is fun to watch them problem solve.  This weekend, they will start receiving visitors.  A couple of my co-workers joined me for puppy lunch today.  The pups gained approximately 1 1/2 lbs each last week.  They are still nursing, although Riley is starting to indicate she is ready to weaning.  They are currently getting individual meals of kibble with a small amount of milk.  Riley is down to 6 c of food.  Puppy weights at 5 weeks of age ranged form 6 lbs 12 oz (Cid) to 5 lbs 13 oz (Gnat).  Since then, Cid has become the first 7 pounder and Gnat has finally made it to 6 pounds. 

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