Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lots more outdoor fun

All eight pups - I have added a crash pad to cover the front steps

The pups are currently using the steps as "home base" when outside

Skeeter demonstrating his mastery of steps - all the pups are able to get up and down the steps

Possibly Gnat
Skipper showing that he can also go down

Cid doing an "Up" 

Puppy wrestling

Sniffing and exploring

Skipper wrestling with Gnat


Ladybug, not so graceful going over the drain spout

Ladybug sitting on front walk, she is so much darker than the other yellow pups

Silly Cricket chewing on a small stick

Cricket and Skeeter, Skeeter has a cowlick down his nose

There was still a bit of snow along the north side of the drive.  Probably the only time
the pups will get to experience snow before next winter. 

Checking it out

Katy - my favorite picture of the day

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