Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wonderful weekend

Last weekend, I had a bunch of sick pups that I was not sure were going to survive.  This weekend, I have a bunch of plump, content, growing pups who have successfully passed a few early developmental milestones.  What a difference a week makes!  This morning, I finally tranferred the pups into the big puppy pool, and they didn't miss a beat - this is the latest I have ever upgraded a litter to the big pool.  The pups are quite mobile and have no problems scooching around, and are even trying to walk.  Earlier this week, they had their first nail trim, received new elastic tie collars, and I bottle fed them a few times since Riley's milk production wasn't keeping up with demand.  Riley is now up to 7 1/2 c of high calorie kibble, providing adequate milk, and the pups are gaining 2 to 3 oz per day.  Blue boy is the first 2 pounder, and it looks like 3 others should make 2 lbs by 2 weeks.  Black boy, who was one of the small pups, is doing very well and able to fend for himself.  Purple girl and Orange boy are still very small at 1 1/4 lb, but growing and doing well.  The big milestone is the first pup has its eyes open - Yellow girl is the winner.   Riley is starting to spend short periods of time away from the pups, but is still being an excellent mama. 

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