Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Worrisome Weekend

I must have jinxed things posting the blog last weekend.  The following day (Sunday), the pups became sick with nasty diarrhea and stopped nursing.  Diarrhea is always serious in baby pups since they have limited energy reserves and dehydrate so quickly.  Additonally, these pups were so young and small.  It was touch and go through Monday, but the pups are finally doing well.   Once again, my veterinary skills came in handy; however, I wish I didn't have to keep using them for such emergencies.  Riley was amazing through the experience, so trusting, even when the pups cried after an injection.  She was anxious Saturday night, continually asking to be let out of the puppy room, but not wanting to go outside.  I thought she was ditching or anxious due to low calcium levels, but I am now convinced that she knew something was wrong with the pups and was trying to get my attention.  When I held some of the critically ill pups to keep them warm and provide additional care, Riley would periodically leave the pool to come check in.  She would just calmly observe, and then return to the brood - many new mama dogs would have been fretting and distressed.  I am most thankful that we still have 8 pups.  Hoping for no more setbacks with this litter.  All but Orange boy have joined the 1 pounder club.  I expect Orange to weigh 1 pound tomorrow.  Orange and Purple are still so small, the size of many of our newborn pups. 

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