Saturday, March 23, 2013

We have teeth!

Another developmental milestone - the pups are cutting their baby teeth.  Poor Riley, it is taking a bit of coaxing to get her in the pen these day.  The pups are growing at an amazing rate, 1/2 lb every 2-3 days.  Cid is now a 5 pounder and Gnat squeaked into the 3 pounder club.  They love their soaked kibble and human attention.  This afternoon, I added a toy that makes noise (a ball with a bell) and the pups have been intrigued.  On Friday morning, Cid became the first escapee, finally managed to climb over the low half gate.  I was out in the kitchen and heard a crying pup seemingly very close by.  I went into the bedroom to find Cid coming across the laminate floor towards the bedroom door.  This afternoon, I set up the big puppy pen in the living room.  The pups will be moving up to the big pen next week. 

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