Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lots of puppy pics

Skeeter on toy

Three yellow pups (Skipper, Skeeter, Katy)

Cuddles with Katy

Yellow pups in pen, lots of stuffed animals for them to interact with

Unidentified pup with tongue out.  May be Ladybug since looks to be darker yellow pup.

Puppy wrestling has begun

These active periods are still very brief, maybe only 10-15 minutes, then time for another long nap

Ladybug on the move

Little Midge with toy


Private nursing on the dog comforter outside of the pen

Life in the puppy pen, Ladybug using the litter box

Silly Ladybug

Little Gnat (orange tie collar) looking out

Cricket sitting

Ladybug sleeping

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