Saturday, March 16, 2013

Into the small puppy pen

As of this morning, all the pups finally weigh at least 2 lbs - Midge just barely.  Cid, Skipper and Ladybug all weigh over 3 lbs.  The pups have finally upgraded to the small puppy pen in my bedroom.  I still have them in the bedroom since it is easier to keep that room warm compared to the living room where I set up the large puppy pen.  At the far end is a litter box area.  At this age, we will mostly just set the pups in the litter box when they first get up, but once "scented", we may see some pups start to purposely move down towards that end of the pen to toilet.  For the first time since the pups were sick, we are finally seeing consistently normal puppy poop.  Only a dog owner would appreciate how good it is to see normal poop after your dog (or puppies) has recovered from bad bout of diarrhea.  The pups are currently eating 1 tablespoon of canned food twice a day, and I will be increasing them to 3x a day this weekend.  Next week, they should be ready for kibble and milk. 

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